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Hi, my name is John Mulry. If you're an entrepreneur or business owner and you're looking for proven, time-tested ways to attract more/better quality customers, if you want to provide more value to and extract more profits from your existing customers or you want automated systems in your business that run your business for you, then you're in the right place.

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The Surprisingly Easy 'Renegade Method' for Adding 6-Figures (Or More) to Your Digital Marketing Business or Agency...

(And no, It Has NOTHING TO DO With Social Media, Facebook Ads, Groups, Chatbots, Bitcoin, Crypto, Ecommerce, Shopify, Dropshipping, Amazon, SEO, Blogging, Podcasts, Surveys, MLM Or Any Of That Stuff You're Supposed To Be Doing...)


Marketing Strategies You Can Take To The Bank

Me: Who’s your most ideal client or customer?

Business Owner: Everyone, this is for everyone.

Me: Ah, actually it’s not and here’s why…

What the hell does a piece of history from 1945 got to do with business success or your ability to get more calls, leads and customers from your advertising and marketing, right?

I’m going to do my damnedest to make you hot and bothered about the art of tracking the RIGHT money making marketing metrics today.

Would you like to be able to write irresistible headlines that demand attention? Great, well in this blog post I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do it.

Listen, I completely understand if this big bad crazy world of marketing and advertising is completely bamboozling, confusing and never ending frustrating. I get it, I genuinely do.

"John was lucky enough to be personally mentored and trained by me. He’s equipped with an arsenal of tools that any small business owner can pick up and run with to start producing big time, bottom line results. If you’re a business owner and you want real improvement in your business then I highly suggest you listen to what John has to say."

- Dan Kennedy


John Mulry is an award winning, Dan Kennedy-trained trusted marketing advisor with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing. He's one of the most sought after direct response email marketing consultants of his generation, author of eight business books and the creator of Email Academy Pro and Expert Authority Formula.

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