Dan Kennedy-Trained 'Marketing Maverick' Finally Reveals His​

7 Step System That Most Business Owners Will Never Know About Creating Winning Marketing Campaigns and Prospering in this NEW Economy...​

Follow These Proven Steps, And Generate Leads, 

Customers, and Buyers on Demand...

Hello, my name is John Mulry.


I have a question for you.


Do you ever feel like you're nearly there?


That if you could JUST figure out a couple of things you'd make it?


Things like:


  • figuring out this sales and marketing maze...
  • learning to be more entrepreneurial...
  • having effective systems that run your business for you,...
  • maximizing your time and getting paid what you're worth ...
  • associating with the right people with the right connections...


That you'd make it.


Well today I'm going to show you exactly how to get those, so you don't JUST make but you develop your business in such a way that it can generate leads, sales and buyers on demand.

Instead of making you read through a total sales pitch I'm going to do two things...

1. I'm going to educate you on HOW TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS PROFITABLY and effectively turn your business into a lead generating, customer getting machine that GIVES you FREEDOM so you can stop having more month at the end of the money and you can stop worrying about where your next customer, client or patient is coming from...




2. I'm going to ask you to invest in yourself and get your copy of DIRECT RESPONSE (the book is free, you just have to cover the low shipping and handling fee).



Well first of all, I believe in value first, profit second.If I'm not adding value to you first and foremost, I don't deserve your money... Even if it is just a few dollars for a woefully under priced book...


And secondly - I know this book is going to radically improve every area of your business from your ability to generate leads, make sales, to your ability  to get sh*t done and your ability  to think like a TRUE entrepreneur. 


In fact, what you're getting today isn't just a book, it's a road-map to prosperity... 


Your road map to prosperity...


More on that in a second. 


But first... it completely probable that you may have never heard of me so let me quickly prove to you that I can back up what I claim...

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say...

  • 1. Award Winning Trusted Marketing Advisor

    I'm an award winning trusted marketing adviser NOT a fly by the night pretender. I run a REAL offline direct marketing consulting business, have published SEVEN other books (some of which are bestsellers), run a successful online information marketing business and I live and breathe my formula for success: invest, consume and act.

  • 2. Dan Kennedy trained and his main man in Ireland

    I was hand picked and trained by the greatest marketing mind in the world, Dan Kennedy. I'm his and main man in Ireland and one of very few Dan Kennedy Certified Business Advisers in the world.

  • 3. Endorsed by other top marketing and business experts in the world

    My previous books, courses and training programs and funnels have received recognition from the top marketing and business experts in the world like Dan Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, Nick Nanton, Brian Tracy and Clate Mask of Infusionsoft, and Russell Brunson to name a few...

Now I don't say this to impress you but impress upon you that you can rest assured I know what I'm talking about...


Now that's out of the way, there's something I want to share with you...

There are 5 things business owners hate above all else...

  • Being an advertising VICTIM

  • Being BEAT UP by big competitors and discounters...


  • Constantly having to RE-INVENT the the wheel...

  • WORRYING and not knowing where the next customer or sale is coming from...

The radical thing is though these hates needn't be hates, in fact they needn't exist at all...


In order to start eliminating these hates from your business you need to realise first and foremost that the way you're currently marketing and advertising your business has THREE FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS...

All Small Business Advertising & Marketing Has Three Flaws...

Flaw #1: Chasing Rather Than Attracting Customers...


Cold calling, and  the act of chasing after customers is old hat and mired with pain and drudgery. Yet most businesses while deep down they know this, still revert to doing it on a daily basis.

A more powerful and systematic approach is designing your business or positioning your

business in a way that ATTRACTS customers. But not just attracts any customers but in a way that MAGNETICALLY attracts your MOST IDEAL customers like a moth to a flame. 


Doing business this way, lowers sales threshold and lowers buyer resistance and allows you to charge more than your competitors.

Flaw #2 : Using the Shotgun "Spray n Pray" Approach Instead of the Rifle Approach


Trying to target everyone is essentially targeting no - one. I know you've heard this before but as one of my mentors Gary Halbert always used to say:


"You will fail not because of what you don't know, but because of what you won't do that you already do know."


When you trying to capture everybody's attention and trying to attract everyone is too costly and doesn't allow you to portray YOUR TRUE VALUE to your target audience.


Which would you prefer a hyper targeted market of 10,000 people or a wide open market of a million?

Flaw #3 : Random or Disjointed Marketing  
Rather than an Organized System


Random ONCE OFF marketing campaigns that are dis-jointed, illogical don't do anything but confuse your potential customers.


Turning your marketing and advertising from random acts here and there to a system that's repeatable, scalable and profitable is key.



Because when you run the system you'll know every time you put in front of x number of prospects you'll get y results.


That simple sentence holds they key to your marketing success. Put X in, get Y out.

Let’s Face it: Most Small Business Marketing Stinks!

Thankfully this book offers a simple but radical prescription for change.


Problem: It won’t work…


Unless you change your mindset about marketing and adapt these strategies. ..

The breakthrough begins…with some fundamental changes in thinking…


The first quantum leap occurs when:


You realize you are NOT “in your business”


But in the business of “marketing your business”.


Here's what I mean by that...


Lets say for example you run an online information business. You are not in internet marketing or you are not in the information business.




Similarly, if you're a personal trainer...


You're not in the fitness business... you're in the business of marketing your fitness business...


And so on...


(Now obviously, it should go without saying that the pre-requisite is that what you're marketing, a.k.a. your product, service or offer is of the highest quality)


The second quantum leap occurs when:


You realize that “Since that is the business I’m really in, whether that was my intent or not…"


  • I’d better put MOST of my focus on it, and
  • I’d better get good at it!”

DIRECT RESPONSE is your blueprint for mastering not just marketing but all seven principles of PROSPERITY...

This isn't just a book that you'll get and never read. 


It's an actionable road-map, a blueprint that will show you the SEVEN key principles you need to succeed as an entrepreneur in this NEW economy....


Here's what Dan Kennedy, my mentor and one of the finest marketing minds on the planet has had to say about this book:

"The strategies that John reveals in DIRECT RESPONSE literally turns 'conventional business thinking' on its ear! John was lucky enough to be personally mentored and trained by me and he's equipped with an arsenal of tools that any small business owner can pick up and run with to start producing big time, bottom line results.


This is exactly the kind of advice I needed when I started my career... but nobody who really knew what was going on was willing to share. If you're a business owner and you want real improvement in your business then I highly suggest you listen to what John has to say."

Dan Kennedy, Professor of Harsh Reality

Like Dan says, this book goes against conventional business thinking and rightfully so. 


The majority of business owners are sadly completely clueless when it comes to marketing and advertising...


They look around and see what everyone else is doing, and do more or less the same thing.


You look at what your competitors are doing and just assume what they are doing is working so you copy them.


But you don't JUST copy their marketing and advertising... No no...


You copy their advertising style...


You only advertise and market where they are advertising without knowing if it's profitable for them...


You price your products the same (or worse lower) than theirs...


You spend (waste) money on image, brand and presence advertising (which you've no idea whether or not it's working)...


Be careful who you copy, be careful who you study...


But it gets worse...

You're copying and/or listening to businesses and individuals who have vastly greater budgets and completely different agendas than you have...

For example let's compare you versus a larger corporation...


Big Company Advertising and Marketing Agenda

  • Please and appease Board of Directors
  • Please and appease shareholders
  • Look good for your investors
  • Look good for the media
  • Build brand identity
  • Win awards for advertising
  • Sell Something

What's YOUR  Advertising and Marketing Agenda?


You don't have the luxury of being able to waste your marketing on advertising on whims that may or may not work.


Wouldn't it be better if you had a system you could use again and gain for advertising?


Wouldn't you and your customers be better served if you knew exactly who they are and where to find them?


Wouldn't it be better if your customers were magnetically attracted to you so you no longer had to chase them?

What you're going to discover in DIRECT RESPONSE...

  • The 3 things you're most likely doing that's crippling your business... (page 16)

  • My personal story of heartache and triumph... (page 19)

  • How I got one of the best marketing minds in the world to start listening to WHAT I HAD TO SAY... page 21)

  • The first goal and first rule of marketing (two different things)... (page 22) ...

  • The five traits the most successful business owners have... (page 26)...

  • The ‘Some-Some-Some’ mantra for standing out and getting noticed... (page 23)

  • The right question you should be asking yourself... (page 28) ...

  • Why the question of “Why can’t I get more customers?” is severely flawed and costing you money... (page 27)

  • One of the biggest obstacles holding you back today... (page 35)

  • One of the most valuable tips I’ve picked up from Dan Kennedy (this is something he still does – even though he doesn’t need to anymore)... (page 29)

  • One of the biggest obstacles holding you back today... (page 35)

  • The most important MARKETING question you can ever ask yourself... (page 37)

  • The importance of widget making and three reasons to use them... (page 40)

  • How to turn the features of your product/service and or business into benefits your potential customers want... (page 42)

  • The only four criteria for CHOOSING your customers... (page 47)

  • Why you’re probably wasting all or nearly all of your marketing and advertising budget... (page 48)

  • The six words that could change your business forever... (page 49)

  • Why your generic, bland and vanilla marketing is killing your business... (page 51)

  • The one target market that is often overlooked that’s literally a goldmine... (page 52)

  • A simple fix that businesses are failing to implement that can boost your marketing results by 10x... (page 53)

  • One of the fastest ways to get an upturn in your business is to increase ________________ (page 57)

  • The third element that determines the success of your marketing that’s too often misunderstood... (page 61)

  • Why your business isn’t so different after all... (page 62)

  • The two traps that too many business owners fall into... (page 63)

  • The three “places” you need to be spending money on to get the best results... (page 65)

  • The five doors that open to you when you use direct response marketing... (page 69)

  • The one big reason that so many businesses fail to achieve their potential... (page 73)

  • How to go from a business owner to an entrepreneur... (page 75)

  • Five reasons to embrace the miracle of price elasticity... (page 77)

  • One quick tactic for increasing your prices IMMEDIATELY... (page 79)

  • Reliable, predictable and consistent – how to make these words the backbone of your business... (page 85)

  • The seven key elements to every marketing system... (page 87)

  • How to deal with the “Sticktoitiveness” problem... (page 89)

  • The three things the most successful business owners do with their time... (page 95)

  • The five mistakes entrepreneurs make with their time... (page 99)

  • Seven questions to ask when you delegate work... (page 102)

  • Three elements that could singlehandedly double, triple or quadruple your income... (107)

  • How to make sure your advertising and marketing gets results. Period. (page 114)

  • The marketing materials you really need – and the ones you don’t... (page 117)

  • The elements each piece of marketing collateral should have... (page 120)

  • What you need to know about the design of your materials... (page 126)

  • How to make sure your advertising and marketing gets results. Period. (page 114)

  • The basics of effective lead generation... (Page 129)

  • Six crucial elements to a very successful ad (case study)... (page 130)

  • 15 ways increase profits WITHOUT getting more customers... (page 137)

  • Why content ISN’T king and this is… (Page 144)

  • How to get business every time you go networking... (page 147)

  • The questions that every business owner needs to answer... (page 153)

  • How to get access to some of the BEST business building and marketing tools and resources for FREE... (page 169)

As you can see this book is chock o block full of marketing bolstering, sales strengthening and money making information that you can apply immediately...


This isn't theory or hype...


This is  an actionable road-map you can use to get massive results in your business... 

A Fair Warning...

This book ISN'T for everyone.


That's not me using a scarcity  tactic.


Direct Response and what I share inside is most definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE.


Not every business owner gets it, and not every business owner is ambitious.


A lot of business owners think they are ambitious but what they actually have is false ambition.


This book isn't for those business owners.


To get the most out of this book you’ll need the following traits:

This book ISN'T for everyone.


That's not me using a scarcity  tactic.


Direct Response and what I share inside is most definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE.


Not every business owner gets it, and not every business owner is ambitious.


A lot of business owners think they are ambitious but what they actually have is false ambition.


This book isn't for those business owners.


To get the most out of this book you’ll need the following traits:

  • You have honest ambition.
  • You’re frustrated and disillusioned with the ever changing world of advertising and marketing.
  • You have a strong study ethic (you read books, study the best and constantly strive to improve)
  • You have strong work ethic (you don’t expect everything to be handed on a plate).
  • You have the capability to implement what I will show you (you have time and/or money).

Do You Fit These Five Criteria?

If you fit these five criteria then congratulations – you’re a special breed of business owner and you’ll love what I have for you in this book.


If you don't you won't like what I share with you or you'll dismiss it without giving it a chance.


If you do I'm going to go out of my way to ensure you succeed and make investing in DIRECT RESPONSE a complete no brainer for you today.


First of all no matter whether your business is fledgling or flourishing you'll be able to apply these principles, instantly validate them and your current position WON'T be a factor in your future success.


Second of all I'm actually not going to charge you at all for the book.


I'm going to give it to you for free.


All I ask is you cover the small shipping and handing charge.


This small charge for shipping allows me to qualify those who think they're interested versus those who really are interested.


After all, (and I'm being brutally honest and up front here) in business the only people's opinions that matter are those who vote with their wallets.

Act TODAY and Get these FAST ACTION Bonuses...

Fast Action Bonus #1:

In this exclusive on demand fast-start training you'll discover the simple three step process that helps you attract more  IDEAL customers and clients who are predisposed to doing business with you...


WITHOUT COLD CALLING AND Without wasting any more money on boring, ineffective advertising and marketing!

Fast Action Bonus #1:

In never before released to the public special, John shares some of Dan Kennedy's best work on prospering in UN-prospering times.


This special report contains the FIVE ESSENTIAL Strategies for Prosperity as well as selected essays and unreleased articles from the professor of harsh reality himself.


You'll get instant access to this and your bonus fast-start training within a few minutes of placing your order for your free copy of Direct Response.

A true no risk offer and guarantee...

Listen at this stage you've pretty much made up your mind whether or not you want to get your hands on DIRECT RESPONSE.


If you're as smart as I think you are you'll be chomping at the bit to get your hands on it.


But just in case you're not I'm going to make it that much easier for you to say yes.


Your satisfaction is assured through my no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, iron-clad money back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with Direct Response, just contact me and I’ll refund 100% of your shipping and handling fee and you can keep the book (and the bonuses). 


No hard feelings.

It's easy to say "no"...

Easy to come up with an excuse not to take advantage of this opportunity. Easy to close your mind to new and different strategies, easy to continue with the comfortable and familiar. But no sales, profit, business or lifestyle breakthrough ever came from saving “no.”


Let me make this easy for you… 


What I’m saying is, don’t decide now if this product is for you.


Just get it and try it out. If it doesn’t do everything I say and more, if you don’t save money, time and frustration, if it doesn’t provide you with a step by step system for marketing your business, if it doesn’t work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every cent of your money back under my no-loopholes guarantee.


So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


The choice is now up to you.


You can either continue doing what you've always done or you can follow a proven step by step road-map.


Invest today and start applying these seven principles to getting more leads, more customers and more profits than ever before...


Your prosperity awaits you...


All you have to do is decide to take the next step...

Direct Response is NOT full of old or outdated information. 

I work constantly with business owners just like you; I'm privy to more of what is working and what isn't working than most out there. 


This is NOT about filling your head with dreams or giving you a bunch of theory. The vast majority of what you'll learn in DIRECT RESPONSE are ideas, strategies, and tactics that you can take home and implement in your business starting the next day.


Each by itself is powerful, but when used together provides you with the arsenal to 2X, 3X even 10X your business.


Bluntly, 2019, 2020 and maybe even 2021 promise to be hard-scrabble tough for many business owners.

You can literally smell their fear already. 


You will hear their pain. 


You will see them retreat, downsize, down scale. 


Many within sight of some goal, be it debts paid off, or early retirement or holiday home abroad, will see that goal line move away from them. 


And because they’ll be working with a rusted tool box of old, ordinary marketing strategies, they’ll be powerless to do anything about it. 


While misery loves company, there’s no law that says you must join them!


Sincerely rooting for your success!


John Mulry

John Mulry

Expect Success Academy

P.S. If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... 


You the unprecedented opportunity to discovering the seven secret principles for prosperity in this NEW economy.


You're getting a step by step blueprint for getting customers and clients on demand, bonding them to your product and/or service and have them thinking they’d be an idiot to do business with anybody else but you...


P.P.S. You could skip over this offer, but then your business will stay right where you are now. Let me help you get out of the rut you’ve been in. 


Start achieving the results you deserve right now. Best of all there's no risk to you with my 100% money back guarantee so you simply cannot lose...

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Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, remember this: you don't necessarily get what you want and you don't necessarily get what you need, instead you get what you honestly and truly believe you deserve. In other words, you get what you expect, so why not EXPECT SUCCESS?


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